Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guest Post - Let's Talk About Rape

Author: Ajeta Kapoor (Follow her on Twitter)
(No Edits)


I recall giving ‘looks’ to my mom while she would say ‘be careful’ as I would get ready to go out. I
never understood why she would say that. I was always careful.

When I grew up a little, I realized, it was not about me refraining from stupid activities. It was about
me being aware of my surroundings so as to protect myself against the very thing we all have been
actively protesting about lately.

And it’s not just Rape. Because Rape is just a part of it. It’s a whole lot bigger than that. It’s bigger
than you and it’s bigger than me.

My lack of confidence in the city’s police force took birth when a few years ago some random guys
clicked pictures of me and my friend and made some lewd comments while we were in an auto, in
broad daylight. It was the first time something like that had happened to me. I had heard stories. But
this was real. It was happening to me. It was happening right there. Feeling helpless I dialed up 1-0-

I realized my mistake with the first bell that rang. Instead of talking about the issue in hand, they
kept asking me about my name, my father’s name, where I live, what my father does.
So I did what I thought was my last and best option. I hung up the phone and I tried to forget about
it, like it never happened.

It is a misogynistic world.
It is definitely a misogynistic country
Fourth in the world as the most dangerous place for women to live in.

Crimes are committed ‘as a lesson to put women in her place’. What is this place exactly, if I may

ask? Is it a corner, where women are supposed to be sent off to in the light of them asking for their
basic entitled freedom? Is it a podium, where they are called names, thrown acid at and put to shame
by public for daring to refuse a man’s proposal of marriage? What is this place? And how has this
place come to being?

We need actions.
We need safety.
We need solutions.
We need impressionable minds learning the physical and emotional harm rape is capable of doing to
a human being.
We need changed mindset.
Something. We need something.

Because I am helpless here.
Because I am laughing at the absurdity the government is throwing at us every day, every second,
because otherwise it is too depressing, to think that these are the kind of people who have the power
of my life, my future, in their hands.
Because now all I can do is write about it.

So please, let’s talk about freedom. Let’s talk about safety. Let’s talk about Rape.

Yours faithfully
Afraid Citizen

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