Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Post - Dream

I've been having this dream lately. I'm in a room when it suddenly catches on fire, every single object in the room is aflame. The ceiling is falling in patches, fiery cement blocks always missing me by a few milimetres wherever I step.

I manage to evade the flaming debris and make a quick escape from the deathhole. Suddenly I realise my sister is still in the room and go back in to pull her out. Then throw her out of the room, prepared to follow her out when a huge mass of blazing rubble falls and blocks my exit.

So I'm trapped in this flaming deathcage. i can see the flames licking my skin, burning through my flesh. It's more real than any other dream I've had and I can feel the burn all over me.

The snag here is, I can't wake up. So now I'm covered in flames as far as my brain is concerned, and I can't get away, into the space out of that room, or into the real world. Even though my mind fully acknowledges that I'm dreaming, it's as real as anything else in my life.

I then wake up, gasping for air and sweating.

I'm weird that way.

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