Saturday, May 22, 2010


In the distance, there stands a girl,
looking out to sea.
With eyes as black as night itself
This girl belongs to me.

She waits upon her sailing boat
to carry her away
I run across the shore to her
to ask my love to stay

A sky of flaming red appears
and sets the shore ablaze
i see her face, so perfect still
I look at her amazed

Her boat begins to show itself
from far across the sea
She looks to it with eager eyes
but doesn't look to me.

Her lips become a perfect curve
she smiles a perfect smile.
She's everything i wanted
how i wished she'd stay a while

She turns her slender neck around
and looks me in the eye
And I just keep on running
as she starts to wave goodbye

i stand here everyday, I do
and wait for her return
The same red sky looks down at me
the shore still seems to burn

And when she will return, I know
it'll all be worth the wait
I hope she loves me still, I hope
I wasn't far too late.

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