Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'll sing you this song tonight

This song is mush overdose, so If you're not one for mush, don't read it, even If you're tagged in it, you'll just end up judging me. I know i'm not a very mushy guy either, but there are those times when it has to be said. Cheesecakes around the world, rejoice. I bring to you "I'll sing you this song tonight".
Note : Honest "Sincere" criticism appreciated, as always.


There's a song in my head, that won't go away,
and strangely enough, I want it to stay.
And I'll need that song, when I'm feeling blue,
For that is the song that reminds me of you.

This song that I sing, it's no simple tune.
And not all can follow the notes that I croon.
But then this song, and sadly, I know,
it makes me remember, how i let you go.

It seems such a pain, being here on my own,
In love with this song, that I sing alone.
I think of the times, when you'd sing along,
Back when we had both been in love with this song.

Unless I'm mistaken, you're singing it too,
and somewhere, you know that I'm thinking of you
You know that I miss you, I know you can tell,
I want you, and you know you want me as well

So save us the trouble, i'll take back what i said
I need you here with me, and I'll need you ahead.
And till you return, I know I'll survive
These notes and these rhymes will keep me alive

And all of these notes, and all of these rhymes,
are pieces of us, in a simpler time.
And now I know, what I had all along.
You and me were always part of this song.

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