Tuesday, June 9, 2009


You know the phrase 'Nobody's Perfect' ? Well, all I am going to do in this post is confirm the validity of that phrase. Nobody, indeed, is perfect. Or at least that is what I feel.
It wasn't what i always felt though. No more than a few months ago i was more than willing to believe that more than one person around me was perfect. Try as i might, (and i did try, believe me) I couldn't figure out any flaws in them. Everything they did or said was just so perfect. Everytime they sneezed, everytime they talked, everytime they picked boogers out of their nose, they seemed so perfect.
But then everything looks pretty from afar. It's when you get closer to paradise when you get a glimpse of the sewage treatment plant squat in the middle of town.

So this is what happens. You get to know these perfect individuals, and the flaws start to emerge. You start to see the person behind the facade of perfection. It becomes only too clear that he people you idolized are not the idols you made them out to be. They are, in fact, more messed up than you will ever be.
The only reason they seem so perfect is because they are so insecure about there imperfections, they dedicate their lives to eliminating all visual evidence of their flaws. They devote so much time and energy to concealing their shortcomings. they create a new person entirely, someone who lives the perfect life, eats the perfect food, walks the perfect walk, talks the perfect talk and excretes the perfect excreta. But, at the end of the day, it's not a real person.
The real person is under-confident, easily pressured, perpetually depressed, insecure, snooty, Show-off or a regular pain-in -the-neck. The beautiful south-indian woman who smiles at you everyday when you go to pick up your paper goes home to a husband who is ashamed to call her his wife, and beats her in front of the year-old son she so lovingly bounces on her knee every morning.
Now, however, the illusion has been broken, and i am not sure how, but nobody in my small insignificant little universe has attained anything close to perfection.
Don't really know what the point of this post is, but it's something i had been thinking about for quite some time now.