Sunday, August 24, 2008


Male Chauvinist Pigs. There is not a single man alive today that has never been called one. It could be because he decided to be a gentleman and offered to help a lady with some heavy lifting, hence indicating that she is weak simply because she is a woman. It could be because he tried to stop her from doing something dangerous because he feared for her safety, thus limiting her boundaries because SHE IS A WOMAN. There is no end to the various possible reasons, and because all men have ben called MCPs, it is believed by women worldwide that all men are, in fact, MCPs.

This is not really true. I say this with a totally unbiased view. All us men are, at some level, pigs. We do tend to turn our necks to look the gorgeous girl who walks by, although ultimately we end up admiring that one special girl who amazes us beyond our wildest dreams. Yes, most guys do look at women from the legs up, MOST, NOT ALL. All men don't hang out with their friends at the local train station so they can pass lewd comments at girls passing by. All men don't think a girl can never be as efficient or as successful as they can. There are those who feel that a girl is just as good as them, only emotionally stronger, and not all of those men are gay.

I personally believe that not only are girls emotionally stronger than us, they are also physically stronger. No man can withstand the kind of pain a woman goes through in her lifetime. I will not get into the finer details of this particular subject, but all women and most men know what i am talking about. Many men may come up and say that they can withstand anything a woman goes through. Maybe some of them can, but the fact remains that none of them do.

Girls dont pour hot sticky wax on their arms and legs and rip their hair out with paper and tweezers ( i hope i have my details right), so they can look at themselves and feel nice. They do it for the ones they love, or for the ones they want, in short , US !!!. Women don't go through the unbearable pain of childbirth just so they can have one more person to love, they also do it so the ones they love most can have what they have always wanted, someone to carry the family name forward, as they say in cheesy indian soap operas.

But Eve doesn't exactly appreciate the feminist Adam either. Girls blindly classify all guys as male chauvinists just because that is all they have heard since they hit 13. They refuse to believe that there are guys who regard them physically and mentally equal and emotinally superior to themselves.

Wake up girls. Every man doesn't go home to beat his wife. Every man doesn't want his partner to stay at home and do the housework all day long. There are many guys who would like their female counterparts to get the same oppurtunities they do. There are many guys who would not refuse to marry a girl simply because she earns more than he does. If you want the feminist male to appreciate, you will have to start using the MCP tags on those who actually deserve it.


  1. So refreshing to read something like this written by a person who isn't a woman. Wonderfully written!